Monday, September 8, 2014

The Honeymoon Destination Reveal

Every time wedding planning gets stressful Will wraps me up in a hug and reassures me that we'll have a great honeymoon. The honeymoon has become our solace. And it's not just about wedding stress. As introverts we're a little nervous about some aspects of the wedding, but the honeymoon is our time. It's a personal celebration of the life we're beginning together. So when things get tough, he always reminds me that we have an amazing trip to look forward to.

 The simple thought of us getting away together calms my nerves. I have always known, wherever we go, it'll be the best time - because I'll be with my amazing husband. :)

Today Will really blew my mind. He booked our honeymoon. And I would've been happy with a cabin a couple of hours from here. But no. He pulled out all the stops. He booked a trip to...ITALY! We'll see Rome, Florence, and Venice over nine days!

WHAT?! Italy?! I would go anywhere with him and be happy...and now we're going to Italy? Yeah, I think I'm radiating at this point.

Of course, in true Type A fashion, I have started researching travel insurance, conversational Italian, and how to pack (read: stuff to the point the seams scream for mercy) a carry-on. It's going to be a wonderful experience - especially with my architect. I'm sure Italy is a different sight when you're traveling with a man who falls in love with buildings.

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