Monday, November 10, 2014

No He Just Did Not

I'm slipping in and out of denial about wedding planning. We've reached that comfortable place where the major work is done, but the details need attention. Or we could go to a movie...or anything besides handling the details.

At the moment, wedding plans have taken a back seat to putting the new place together. Will is already living there. I am gradually moving my things over. I've always known he is a minimalist, but he said something to me the other day that shocked my womanly senses.

We were discussing how I'm going to move and organize my purses. I was thinking maybe he'd build a cubby in the closet -or something- to accommodate the load. Then he said these incredible words that take a woman's breath away, "You could get rid of a few."


In moments like that there's really only one thing to do. Let your expression display full shock and appall. Then move all of your purses over anyway. I mean, come on.

I am half kidding. Of course I will organize the purses so as not be a nuissance. But ain't nobody giving up a collection of bags collected from San Francisco to New York. Mmmkay.

It is hard figuring out where things will go, but I'm creative. We'll find a way to make it work for both of us.

There really seem to be four things I collect in abundance:
--DVDs from less-technologically-advanced days

I have found several minimalist storage solutions thanks to an unhealthy amount of time on Pinterest. Let us browse the leading ideas.

DVD Organization
Seriously, my mind is blown. It is hard to throw away my DVD cases (read: hoarder), but this is so much simpler. I can actually find my DVDs now.

Ottoman Filing System
Again, wow. This looks great at the foot of the spare bed. And I can keep my papers present but hidden.

Bag Storage
Brilliant! You can use shower hooks to hang your bags. I will be trying this. 

I believe this clutch organizer was intended to hold wine bottles. Perfection!

Shoe Storage

Thanks to Ikea and Will's mechanically abilities I already have a shoe cabinet. Now, if I could just get a second shoe cabinet... ;)

Here's to joining a minimalist and a pack rat while (mostly) keeping the peace. I think it's going to be good for both of us. I'm learning that I really could make better use of space.

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