Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Marriage Vs. A Wedding

When Will and I first got engaged, a friend shared this with me:

My sentiment exactly.

I've read the stats on how most people spend an average of a million dollars (or $25,000) on their wedding. In all honesty, I thought that was absurd. Then I started planning our wedding...without a wedding planner. I don't think it's crazy now, I just think it's an unattractive option.

You have two available philosophies when you start planning a wedding. The first is to pay people to do things so you don't have the stress of doing it yourself. The second is to do it yourself so you save money by not paying people to do things. I have chosen the second, though I know it will cause many headaches over the next six months. It is entirely possible I will morph into a bridezilla -- though hopefully in Hulk increments that are irregular. God bless my people...and especially Will. Thankfully, he's the calm voice of reason during stressful times.

The thing about wedding planning is it really starts running your schedule. I hope that whatever comes during this process won't ever eclipse the ultimate purpose of all this planning -- to marry the sweetest, brightest, funnest (yes, I just used that nonword) man I've ever met. I'm sure that our marriage will be beautiful. Let's just hope the wedding isn't so bad...

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