Thursday, July 10, 2014

Our Story

When we met, our average age was 28. (He's two years younger.) I was late for our first date. As usual. He was waiting for me at a local coffee shop. We talked for four hours. Four. Hours. We walked out as the staff was leaving for the night.

The longer I knew him, the more he got under my skin - in a good way. I knew it was serious when I noticed how much he loves the people in his life. He notices what they're going through and does all he can to be supportive. Case in point. His Dad owns a small business. Will has been working on creating a retail site so his Dad can avoid the fees charged by well known sites and sell his products directly. It's amazing to know someone who is so kind and observant. That's my Will in a very small nutshell.

After cooking countless meals together and learning the proper art of the road trip, we came to want more. So one June evening after work, he did the thing I never saw coming. He proposed on a random week day. With a card. And a gem-shaped origami ring box. I said yes.

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